Sharandishan Cois not only general supplier of industrial materials in wide ranges of instrument, electrical, machinery, Piping & Pipe fittings, Tube & Tube Fittings, but also, active in manufacturing of:

P/F for Valves

producing of spare parts for all type of industrial valves. Once, supply of which from main manufacturer would be very time- consuming or is not economic due to low quantity

P/F for Pumps

producing of spare parts for industrial pumps

Small Size Pipe Fitting (up to 4")

producing of forged, socket welding threaded fittings such as: union, coupling / half-coupling, elbow 45/90, all types of plugs and caps based on ASME B16.11, BS 1387, BS1740, BS 3799

Tube Fittings

Producing of tube fitting such as : tube-to-tube union, tube-to-male pipe, tube-to-female pipe, stub tube connector, tube to AN tube, tube to SAE O-Ring Seal, tube to weld end, plug and cap and spare parts including, front ferrule, back ferrule and nut